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Seven Musts for Hosting a Viewing Party

Arrange the tray tables, fluff your sofa cushions, and bust out the guacamole: it’s viewing party season!

Whether it’s tense playoff showdowns, glitzy award ceremonies or gripping episodes of everyone’s favorite nail-biter series, it’s always fun to host a viewing party with family and friends.

Move over, binge watching. This time of year, it’s all about those don’t-miss live broadcasts on TV.

Football fans have the big game. Culture vultures have their pick of awards shows honoring the best in music, movies and TV. Whether or not your favorites win at any event, you can still score big in one arena: hosting a great party. (After all… everyone cheers for snacks.)

Checklist: How to Host a Viewing Party

  • Get set for guests. Inside, rearrange furniture to avoid clutter and create a clear path to the bathroom and snack table. If you move your TV, make sure it doesn’t stretch the cord too far, which could be a tripping hazard. Outside, shovel and salt your walkway and sidewalk to avoid slips and falls. (Read our full list of snow shoveling hacks.)
  • Let your neighbors know. If you live in a condo or apartment building – or if parking is tight on your street – give your neighbors and your landlord a heads up that you’re expecting an influx of people and noise. (See what else made our list of 5 surefire ways to make your landlord love you.)
  • Test your tech. If you’re live streaming any big events this year, be sure your router is secure to avoid the risk of getting hacked. Set a secure password for your WiFi that’s not easy to guess, and make sure your network is private. Read more cyber safety tips for smart homes and connected appliances.
  • Prep your kitchen. When you’re getting ready to serve your favorite game-day food, check your slow cooker for wear and tear and make sure your all appliances are in good working order.
  • Know your host liquor liability. Pace yourself if your game plan includes serving adult beverages. Most states hold party hosts responsible for what guests end up doing behind the wheel. Serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages, and don’t hesitate to call for a DD if someone isn’t capable of driving home. Get more tips on safely hosting a party with alcohol.
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Learn more about homeowners insurance or contact us to request a quote. Happy hosting!

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